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Welcome to Gujarat State AIDS Control Society Website…….

Right to Information


Details of Public Officers and Appellate Authority

Name and Address of SocietyDownload Details
Gujarat State AIDS Control Society, O-1 Block, New Mental Hospital Complex, Meghani Nagar, Ahmedabad - 380016
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The spread of HIV/AIDS from the high risk groups to general population and from initial hot spots to new areas underlines the need for a comprehensive National AIDS Control Policy to effectively control the epidemic.


The HIV/AIDS policies and guidelines view the epidemic as a developmental problem rather than a mere public health issue. It is therefore necessary that NACP-III is integrated with various development programmes like the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) programme and the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP). The focus of all these programmes is prevention of HIV transmission.


Among the preventive services are awareness generation, condom promotion, prevention of parent to child transmission, increasing ICTC services, promotion of voluntary blood donation and access to safe blood. The policies also have guidelines on targeted Interventions (TIs) for high risk groups like injecting drug users (IDUs), men having sex with men (MSM), female sex workers (FSWs) etc.


Apart from this, policies have extensive guidelines on the management of common opportunistic infections, malignancies among adult/adolescent PLHA and operational guidelines for ART centres to standardise ART services across the country. The National Policy on Blood Banks ensures adequate supply of safe blood and blood components. 


For important guidelines under the policy Click Below



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Gujarat State AIDS Control Society steers HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, education, sensitization and control programmes in India. In discharge of this function the organisation lays down guidelines and training modules for physicians, surgeons, laboratory technicians, health care workers, NGOs and educators. It disseminates awareness among various risk groups, adolescents and out-of-school-children through a number of channels and special programmes.


GSACS also conducts monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programmes, and surveillance of the infection among various population segments throughout the country. The organisation also documents highly successful programmes for their replication in different cultural setting. Publications section of GSACS website carries Annual Reports, CMIS Bulletins, Surveillance Reports, Update Status etc. for quick access and dissemination.


Downloads Available 


Sr. No. List of DocumentsDownload
   Annual Reports  
01 Annual Report 2016-17 Download Pdf(4.83MB)
02 Annual Report 2015-16 Download Pdf(8.74MB)
03 Annual Report 2014-15 Download Pdf(6.72MB)
04  Annual Report 2013-14 Download Pdf(3.59MB)
05  Annual Report 2012-13 Download Pdf(4.95MB)
06  Annual Report 2011-12 Download Pdf(5.29MB)
07  Annual Report 2010-11 Download Pdf(7.23MB)
08  Annual Report 2009-10 Download Pdf(8.52MB)
   CMIS-SIMS Bulletin  
01 SIMS Bulletin 2016-17 Download Pdf(0.80MB)
02  SIMS Bulletin 2015-16 Download Pdf(1.31MB)
03  SIMS Bulletin 2014-15 Download Pdf(5.64MB)
04  CMIS-SIMS Bulletin 2013-14 Download Pdf(2.33MB)
05  CMIS Bulletin 2012-13 Download Pdf(8.62MB)
06  CMIS Bulletin 2011-12 Download Pdf(7.68MB)
07  CMIS Bulltein 2010-11 Download Pdf(3.75MB)
   HIV Sentinel Surveillance Reports  
01  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2008 Download Pdf(5.58MB)
02  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2007 Download Pdf(5.66MB)
03  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2006 Download Pdf(0.98MB)
04  HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2005 Download Pdf(0.81MB)
   SIMS Documents  
01  SIMS Wall Chart Download Pdf(697KB)
02  A B C of SIMS in Seven Steps Download Pdf(1.34MB)
   Department of AIDS Control, NACO  
01  Newsletter of DAC, New Delhi Click hereLink Icon
02  Annual Reports of DAC, New Delhi Click hereLink Icon



National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)  collects data on components related to HIV/AIDS through various on-line as well as off-line mechanisms including routine monitoring system, HIV Sentinel Surveillance Systems, Behavioral Surveillance Surveys and other evaluations / operations research studies. The main objectives to collect the information through integrated M&E system are to track the progress of HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country and to track performance of National AIDS Control Program and suggest corrective measures if programme divert to main objectives.


Carry out research studies on HIV/AIDS

Since HIV/AIDS issue is now becoming a global epidemiological concern lots of research studies on various complex issues lying in HIV/AIDS are carrying out across the world. Some institutes are exclusively working on HIV/AIDS research. As per DAC’s data sharing guidelines Post graduate and PhD student/scholar, who want to do research in HIV/AIDS field, also give request for data access subject to following the conditions and fulfilling the criteria for carry-out research studies as mentioned in the data sharing guidelines which can be downloaded from www.naco.gov.in


Purpose of Data Sharing Policy

The data collected varies from inventory information to patient disease details. With web-enability, the data can be made available through internet at all levels and to all partners who are involved. The data transfer is gradually shifting from sequential (RU→District→State→National) transfer to direct web transfer so that information is available to all simultaneously. Adequate measures for data security are in place for restricting access by giving various levels of permission. However, due to stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, maintenance of confidentiality is crucial for security and confidence of HIV patients.

Involvement of large number of organizations ranging from government, semi-government, private, civil society, and many more in fighting against HIV/AIDS and interest and support of   large number of donors and stakeholders emphasizes need of transparency and  availability of data to all those who are involved  in the program  related to HIV/AIDS. Post graduate and PhD student/scholar, who want to do research in HIV/AIDS field, also give request for data access. The approaches and implementation strategies being adopted by programme pose several operations research questions and researchers in constant need to add to the existing knowledge or create new knowledge require information. The information needs thus vary according to levels and area of work. Looking at the stigma and discrimination faced by HIV infected person and keeping the confidentiality at forefront, there is need to use this data with utmost caution and maturity. Considering the above, this Guideline has been developed.


 Format For Research

Click Here to Download Format for Reseach


Guideline for fellowship


Click Here to Download Guideline for fellowship


Circular- NACO Research Fellowship scheme 2016


Click Here to Download Circular of NACO Research Fellowship scheme


Documents required for approval of Research

The following documents are compulsory required for research studies: 

    • The proposal is to be submitted in the prescribed format only (as above attached format)
    • The proposal must be approved by the ethical committee
    • Certificate of HIV data confidentiality
    • The necessary consent of respondent (if PLHIV is included in the study)
    • Expected benefits to NACO and GSACS

Permission to the above study is granted subject to the following conditions.

  •  Data confidentiality will be strictly maintained.
  •  Final copy of the study report is to be submitted to GSACS.
  •  Prior permission is must before publishing and sharing it publicly.


FAQs on Sexual and Reproducitve HealthLink Icon

General Testing for Pregnant Women M & E and Research Surveillance

Information, Education and Communication (IEC)


Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC)

Blood Safety

Care and Support

Sexually Transmitted Infections/Reproductive Tract Infections

Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT)

Antiretroviral Therapy

Condom Promotion

HIV-TB Co-infection Targeted Interventions (TI)



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